Strategi Dakwah Islam di Era Digital


  • nur latifah sekolah tinggi mustafa ibrahim islahuddiny


Strategy, Islamic Da'wah, and Digital.


he strategy of da'wah in the digital era is a form of discourse and wasilah as a message and vision and mission of da'wah or a form of amar ma'ruf nahi munkar, which must be distributed to the scope of Muslims and various homogenous communities with basic knowledge and knowledge backgrounds with different understandings and different methods. analyzing the material and messages conveyed by preachers, whether aimed at minority communities who still absorb minimal knowledge in various dimensions or vice versa. In the methods and strategies of preaching in the Islamic religion to be more effective in conveying and transferring various materials or preaching messages through various concepts, systems and delivery methods so that people can easily accept them and the various scientific materials they present. So one of the more effective and practical media to convey this is through social media and this is a strategy in the form of a very meaningful and efficient contribution to the world of da'wah itself. So that in the current era of digital globalization, various materials and da'wah messages can be channeled optimally by using various networking facilities so that the methods, concepts and messages of da'wah are still conveyed so that the media of da'wah itself will not be foreign to the new generation to come, for whom the world of multimedia has also become a primary needs of the daily lives of Muslims, so that the message or da'wah material that will be conveyed does not know the distance of place and the boundaries of the dimension of time, so as not to spread a mission of western civilization among the young generation of Muslims


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